Monday, September 18, 2006

Malaysian identity card (MYKAD)

MyKad is the Malaysian identity card while ASTRO is the main satellite tv provider.

To those of you who would like to check the details on your MyKAD chip, u can do so via your Astro decoder. Just follow the steps below :

1. Switch on your TV & Astro decoder
2. Go to channel 800 (it will take 10 seconds to load)
3. Once the Astro Interactive menu comes on, scroll down and select the 'MyKad' option.
4. Insert your MyKad in the second slot of your Astro decoder.

Tadaa! Your MyKad details will appear on the TV screen.

Just conveniently pull out your card and insert the next one if you wish to check more MyKads.

Pay careful attention to your personal details (especially religion) and if you detect an error, quickly head to the nearest registration department and get it rectified.

Please make this known to as many people as possible. I have checked my family ICs by sloting into the decoder and i am shocked to see one of the IC has NO NAME PRINTED inside the chip but physically the name, add, ic no is printed correctly. This is an important ID. Pls check it out. It takes less than a min.
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